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About Doctor

Dr. Sunook Hwang studied chemistry as a young college student with a full scholarship at Ohio State University in his undergraduate training. He excelled in it and won several academic awards. Then he went onto study dentistry at College of dentistry of Ohio State University. When he graduated, he went to Metrohealth medical center located at Cleveland,Ohio for his residency training where he gained extensive experiences in oral pathology, oral surgery, endodontics( root canal), and prosthodontic(dentures). He was regarded as the best resident during the training on formal and informal occasions. After the residency, he started receiving many hours of additional education and training on dental implants where he learned surgical and prosthetic aspects. Now he focuses on dental implant treatments that'll restore functions and esthetics with a couple of different implant styles. He believes in minimally invasive treatments and therefore he tries to make an implant fit the bone. Not the other way around. That means less bone grafting and less sinus surgeries.

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